About LLA

LOUISIANA LITERACY ASSESSMENTS offers testing in all areas of literacy.

Each evaluation will take approximately two to three hours, depending upon the child's age and functioning levels. Standardized and criterion-referenced tests are used and may include:

  • Oral reading fluency

  • Oral and silent reading comprehension

  • Vocabulary

  • Writing

  • Spelling/phonics

  • Early literacy skills

  • An IQ screening

After testing, LLA professionals will prepare a comprehensive written report which contains information concerning the child's academic and medical history, teacher and parent input, observations of the child, test results and interpretations, and recommendations for intervention and academic support.

Dr. Kerry Laster and Dr. Debbie Rickards are reading specialists with PhD degrees in curriculum and instruction with an emphasis on reading from LSU.  Kerry has been a teacher, principal, superintendent, and Louisiana Department of Education leader.  Debbie has been a teacher, tutor, instructional coordinator, and language arts specialist.  Each has over 35 years of experience in education and have worked as administrators and evaluators at The Reading Center in Shreveport. Additionally, both have worked in multiple states, with special needs students, and with students from pre-kindergarten through the university level.