No.  Louisiana Literacy Assessments focuses exclusively on testing, test interpretation, and recommendations. LLA will, however, provide a list of potential tutors in the Shreveport/

Bossier City area.

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Does LLA provide tutoring services?

Call Dr. Laster (318.719.5629) or Dr. Rickards (318.401.7394) or email LLA at email@louisianaliteracyassessments.com to discuss your concerns, costs, and/or to schedule an evaluation for your child. Once an evaluation is scheduled, download and complete the confidential parent information and teacher forms. Find these forms under the Parent Forms link.  Please bring the completed forms to the testing.

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 I'm worried about my child's academic progress.  What is my first step?

Each evaluation includes a review of any pertinent information the family and the teacher provide, consultation with other professionals, and a comprehensive written report.  Once the evaluation is scheduled, testing takes approximately 2-3 hours.  A face-to-face conference with parents will occur after testing. A written report will be shared within two weeks of the evaluation.  The full evaluation process is $500, payable at the time of testing.

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What does the evaluation include, how long will it last, and how much does it cost?
What happens after the evaluation?

Parents will receive the written report within two weeks of the evaluation. The follow-up parent conference explaining the results and recommendations will occur at a site mutually-agreeable to the parents and evaluator.

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Though the literacy professionals may address these issues, LLA does not do extensive testing for math concerns, ADHD, speech, behavior, or social/emotional health.

What is NOT included in the evaluation?

No. All test results are confidential and are the property of the parents. If parents desire to share the written report with others, it is their right to do so.

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Will LLA send the report to my child's school?